Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Android "O" news updates

Android Oreo has usually been a longshot for the name of the following essential version of Android. however what about Android eight.0: Oatmeal Cookie?

It seems that could be Google’s plan, with references to “oc-dev” being determined inside the supply code and commit logs for Android The wondering here, of path, is that “oc” stands for “oatmeal cookie.”

and then there’s the problem of references to “oatmeal cookie” appearing at Google I/O more than one months lower back. earlier than we start

earlier than we begin accepting Oatmeal Cookie as the subsequent snack deity of the Android world, we need to keep in mind that it may be a brief inner codename, which includes when Google easter eggs contained suggestions of “Key Lime Pie for Android okay earlier than we have been all of sudden blindsided via KitKat. (Which we’re totally now not complaining approximately, by way of the manner.)

So, hold your eyes peeled for Oatmeal Cookie, but don’t assume this means we nevertheless don’t have a shot on the illustrious Oreo!

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