Monday, June 26, 2017

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in terms of a employer as large as google, if a person has a semi-respectable concept then there'll probably be a patent for it to be filed. but, a latest patent has been exposed which shows that we could see some drastic adjustments made to the pixel lineup.

a render of the rumored meizu pro 7

with organizations like meizu seeking to put in force presentations at the rear of their gadgets, google could be trying to put into effect a touchpad to the rear of destiny pixel devices. the purpose of this would be to permit users the ability to control various aspects of their device without ever desiring to touch the show itself.

google already does this, to a positive quantity, in terms of the fingerprint scanner at the pixel and pixel xl. there are various swipe gestures on hand which permit you to pull down the notification shade without stretching your finger to the top of the display to show facts.

a few examples made in the explanation of this patent may be to manipulate your track from

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