Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Google Plan ahead of Next Chromebook

New code commits for development on a Chromebook codenamed “Eve” screen some exciting traits that might deliver us a glimpse into Google’s plans.

The code commits talk approximately a putting in special keyboard mapping for a tool that has an additional key. They’re calling it the “Assistant key.” Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to place 2 and a couple of together on that one.

This comes after preceding developments of things like wake-up instructions locating their manner into the code. For all intents and purposes, it simply does sound like Google wants Assistant within the next generation of Chromebooks.

The handiest query is how wouldn't it paintings. Will it on its personal act as a Google home-esque tool that you may turn to as the middle of a clever domestic? Or is it greater just like the smartphone-certain version of Assistant that’s like a supercharged Google seek? We’re guessing the latter for now, though we suppose anything’s viable. an eye (or 2) could be kept on this one for positive, so stay tuned.

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