Thursday, June 22, 2017

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OnePlus has a records of dishonest on benchmarks, and regardless of announcing specifications aren’t critical, they’re doing it again at the OnePlus five. They were caught doing it with the OnePlus 3T, however apparently, they didn’t examine their lesson. So right here we are once more.

XDA determined that the OnePlus 5 has a mechanism built-in to target famous benchmarking apps. whilst detected, the smartphone locks inside the maximum clock pace. A smartphone doesn’t generally stay on the max clock speed for lengthy. when the cheating is disabled, the OnePlus five is at max pace for most effective a quarter of the time.

this is cheating in a more subtle manner. They aren’t overclocking the processor, but they’re setting the telephone in a overall performance mode which you would in no way experience in daily use. The results are unrealistic. OnePlus claims they're simply attempting to show the “capacity” of the smartphone, however if it’s by no means acting like that during actual lifestyles, is it certainly ability?

What do you consider dishonest benchmarks? Do you even care about benchmarks?

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