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note-edge-curveThe Samsung Galaxy Note Edge offers all that we adore about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the expansion of bended AMOLED innovation that makes a one of a kind optional show. It takes some getting used to, and usefulness is constrained for the time being, however the telephone's Edge show offers a novel ordeal that unobtrusively upgrades ease of use without yielding execution.

What's Different


Beside the undeniable incorporation of the Edge show, there are a couple of key contrasts between the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge, a large portion of them shallow. Due to the bended AMOLED plan, the shape and size of the telephone are changed somewhat adding up to a gadget that is marginally more extensive.

The Note Edge measures 5.96 x 3.24 x 0.33 inches contrasted with the Note 4's 6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33-inch outline. The Note Edge arrives in a hair lighter than the Note 4 at 6.1 ounces.

As far as equipment the real changes incorporate a Super AMOLED show littler that that of the Note 4. The 5.6-inch show of the Note Edge doesn't feel any littler than the 5.7-inch screen of the Note 4, particularly contemplating the additional advantage of the Edge show. The Note Edge additionally has a 3,000mAh battery, 220mAh less limit than the standard Note 4.

The general outline of the Note Edge remains in accordance with that of the Note 4, including Samsung's false cowhide material on the back of the gadget. The left 50% of the telephone is pretty much indistinguishable to the Note 4. It's the correct agree with its falling side show that is the Note Edge's greatest takeoff from the outline of the Note 4.

This audit will keep on focusing on the Note Edge's bended show and going with usefulness. All other equipment and outline viewpoints, including the Note's S-Pen stylus, are canvassed in our full Galaxy Note 4 audit.

The Edge Display


Physically, the Edge show takes some getting used to. A standard-looking AMOLED show takes a descending bend toward its correct edge. The show rests under its coordinating bended glass, the two angles are constant from the primary show to the Edge show. The Edge partition includes a determination of 2,560 x 160 pixels.

The bend is near a 45-degree edge and ends strongly where the show glass meets the back of the telephone. The made edge isn't the most ergonomic plan ever, yet it doesn't make any prompt uneasiness. As a result of the position of the Edge show, clients should alter their normal cell phone grasp a bit with a specific end goal to stay away from unintentionally tapping symbols or substance.

The Edge show serves two essential capacities inside the Note Edge's Android introduction: going about as an easy routes drawer and giving initially access to notices. Both hoist the Edge show from curiosity to something very utilitarian in general introduction of the Note Edge.

It's an alteration from the standard Android (and cell phone, besides) interface to always go after your most-utilized easy routes to one side of the show instead of the base, however it's a shrewd one on Samsung's part. Migrating the easy routes arranges for a greater amount of the principle show's screen land for gadgets and other homescreen adjustments. There is likewise enough room on the Edge show to incorporate a couple of a larger number of easy routes than you would somehow or another have the capacity to. Note that not all applications can be included as an Edge show alternate route.


The Edge show functions admirably as a warnings ticker. You can swipe through cautions, missed calls and messages — the show works especially well to display the substance of approaching messages. The show additionally works freely of the primary screen, which means you can discretely look at approaching warnings while your telephone lays on the table or work area before you. For those inquisitive, warnings still show up in the standard draw down drawer open from your homescreen.

Other Software Functions

There is, obviously, more to the Edge show than what we have talked about up until now. While out of the crate the Note Edge is set up to serve alternate ways and notices from the bended segment of its show (and this is at last what the Edge show does best), there is more to it.


Swiping down for the highest point of the Edge show serves up a drawer of hardware alternate routes. The most remarkable of which is one that lone a gadget like the Note Edge could exploit: a ruler. Truly, it's at last somewhat pointless. It just measures up to 4 inches, and you could simply gage the length of something of that size by basically contrasting it with the genuine Note Edge.

With the telephone's show off, you can see just the bended edge by swiping your finger along its bend. This will demonstrate the date and time and in addition climate and different warnings with brief sneak peaks relying upon the remark. You can additionally swipe through the different Edge screens without illuminating your whole gadget, ideal for discretely checking approaching warnings amid a meeting or at other troublesome circumstances.

A night clock mode faintly lights up the Edge show with the date and time, going about as substitution to the wake up timer on your end table. Be cautioned that while it isn't a colossal effect, this will gradually deplete battery life while you rest if the gadget is left off the charger.

One utilization of the Edge show exhibits how such innovation can be utilized as a part of more creative and captivating ways. The screen catch of the camera programming has been moved from its place on the principle show to along the bend, imitating the arrangement of the shade catch on conventional cameras. It may take a touch of getting used to, yet once you know about the change it feels absolutely normal.

The Edge show settings menu accommodates some superficial customizations to give it a look and feel that better suits your style, and Samsung has no plans to keep their bended AMOLED beyond reach from engineers. Content is preferably rare other than the capacities as of now gave by Samsung, however we are intrigued to check whether any designers out there bounce on the fleeting trend.

A note for left-handers


Inside the Edge show's settings menu is a choice to enable the screen to turn 180 degrees. This enables those left-handers among us to utilize a gadget that was no uncertainty intended for righties. Since the telephone is held topsy turvy to accomplish this effect, this makes the issue of the Note Edge's equipment route catches now being situated at the highest point of the show. Samsung has fathomed the issue by giving programming options that can be gotten to by swiping up from the base of the show. It's not impeccable, but rather it's the best arrangement lefties have at the present time.

Battery Life

The Note Edge includes a littler battery than the Note 4, and its battery life suffers somewhat. 3,000mAh of energy limit still give about a day of life on ordinary utilize. Vegging out on video or utilizing the Edge as a gaming machine will clearly have their effects, however and still, at the end of the day the telephone should pull a respectable 10-12 hours for every accuse of overwhelming use.

The Note Edge, as with the Note 4, contains speedy charge innovation that enables clients to reestablish around half of battery life in just 30 minutes. The Edge satisfied these numbers, and charging truly is truly easy.

Is there better battery life out there with other Android gadgets? Undoubtedly. Yet, the Note Edge still offers solid battery execution that is supported by its capacity to charge immediately when required.

The Bottom Line


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge takes all that we like about the Note 4 and upgrades it with its Edge show. Is it enough to state it is a superior general telephone? The response to that still isn't exactly evident. While the Edge show has its points of interest with fast access to alternate ways, warnings, devices, and other substance, its extreme to state these highlights are justified regardless of the additional cost of owning the Note Edge.

The Note Edge retails for $399.99 with a two-year contract. The Galaxy Note 4 is a full $100 less expensive, and there are similarly solid cell phones that can be bought sans contract at a similar cost or just somewhat more than the Edge.

At last we give Samsung an 'A' for exertion. It's reviving to see a telephone that not just tries something new while driving the mechanical furthest reaches of cell phones forward, however the Edge show still doesn't feel like an unquestionable requirement have highlight. The way things are, it is more curiosity than distinct advantage, yet in the event that you are determined to the Note 4 and wouldn't fret spending the additional money there is no reason not to consider the Note Edge.

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