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ASUS MeMo Pad ME172V

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ASUS set out to make a ultra reasonable tablet for people who would prefer not to spend a considerable measure of cash on a slate. That tablet's name is the ASUS MeMo Pad ME172V, however is it worth the inconvenience even at just $150? Sit back as we investigate this 7-inch offering, and decide if you ought to choose something like this or a specific other reasonable 7-inch tablet from the positions of ASUS.

Equipment and Performance

The ASUS MeMo Pad ME172V doesn't gloat an accumulation of rousing specs. In the engine is VIA's 1GHz WM8950 chipset and 1GB of RAM. This is an Arm Cortex-A9 based SoC that has a better than average GPU, however this may have been more amazing if this were as yet the year 2010. The processor and RAM combo function admirably enough to encourage smooth working framework utilize and fundamental sight and sound abilities, yet gaming is all in or all out. You'll particularly need to avoid playing the present graphically requesting 3D titles on this thing, with amusements like Batman and Real Racing 3 being a bit on the intolerable side with regards to outline rates.


It doesn't enable that the gadget's 7-to inch show isn't HD, with a maximum determination of 1,024 x 600 on the spec sheet. Having utilized 720p and 1080p gadgets in this screen measure, I can reveal to you that the minimization is not as much as alluring. Most normal customers won't not have the capacity to differentiate, but rather in case you're accustomed to utilizing HD shows each day it turns out to be hard not to take note.

Availability is extremely constrained here, with no Bluetooth radios to discuss. It's likewise a WiFi-just tablet, however at this value point that is guaranteed. You in any event get 802.11n, however in the event that you're a devotee of 5GHz WiFi you'll be baffled — the ME172V just backings the 2.4GHz band. We are upbeat to see a microSD card space to grow capacity, with only 16GB being stood to the client out of the container. I've just tried the port with 32GB class 10 cards, which appeared to work out fine and dandy.

Battery life on this gadget turned out to be a touch hopeless, permitting us only 3-4 hours of substantial use before the low battery marker began squinting. This is sufficient to get you through a short day in case you're utilizing the gadget respectably (around 2 hours of screen on time), yet don't anticipate that it will hold a charge overnight on anything other than a full accuse of a limit of 4270mAh. Goodness, and the solitary 1 MP camera on the gadget isn't a comment bananas about, yet it is sufficiently clear with not too bad lighting to encourage video calls amongst family and companions.


General form quality turned out to be agreeable. The tablet feels determinedly assembled, a quality we've generally expected from ASUS over the recent years. We're happy to realize that ASUS didn't permit the gadget's entrance level sticker price to legitimize holding back on great form quality and great looks.

Programming and Features

There's nothing shocking specifically going ahead in the bits and bytes that make up the product bit of the MeMo Pad ME172V. We're welcomed with Android 4.1.1 to begin, and keeping in mind that that may not be irrefutably the most recent adaptation of Android now numerous people ought to be satisfied to realize that they aren't a long ways behind. That doesn't come without some of ASUS' claim custom interpretation of things, obviously, with light UI changes and their own particular suite of programming to help round out the experience.


As this is a 7-inch gadget, ASUS has discarded the base arranged status bar for the draw down technique that has turned out to be dominating on tablets of this size. In the event that you were an aficionado of the custom changes ASUS made to the status bar, worry not — you can at present change execution mode, alter screen splendor, and access a few switches appropriate from the notice sheet. ASUS additionally decided to enable clients to utilize the tablet in picture introduction on the home-screen, something we are particularly upbeat to see.

With respect to those pre-introduced applications, that rundown incorporates the accompanying:

Application Backup

Application Locker

ASUS Story

ASUS Studio



Document Manager


MyLibrary Lite


Press Reader

Sticky Memo

SuperNote Lite

Plan for the day


what's more, Zinio

You can likewise expect a few of Google's applications pre-introduced, and in addition the typical program, settings, camera, date-book, adding machine and that's only the tip of the iceberg. There's not a staggering measure of applications here, either, so don't go into this reasoning it's a swell beast.

Likewise with any maker's custom product of APKs there will undoubtedly be similarly the same number of things of utilization to you as there are that you totally won't use by any stretch of the imagination. Because of the capacity to "cripple" applications in present day variants of Android you can go about as though they aren't even there. Attaching to expel some of these applications may likewise be a choice not far off if the gadget ever gets on with the advancement group.


The MeMo Pad ME172V likewise accompanies a smaller than normal applications include that enables you to fly up a few chomp measured applications over whatever you're doing, regardless of where you are in the OS. Decisions incorporate scaled down variants of AudioWizard, Browser, BuddyBuzz, Calculator, Calendar, Countdown (clock), Email, Sticky Memo, Stopwatch, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These applications are very decent for those circumstances where you can't be tried to dispatch a whole application for a basic undertaking, yet don't get shocked when the tablet begins stammering after you have a couple of them running in the meantime.

Obviously, what you require that is excluded can be had from the Google Play Store. General OS smoothness wasn't as liquid as, say, a Nexus 7, yet you truly can't anticipate that it will be — that thing has a Tegra 3 processor inside, and it's running an absolutely stock variant of Android. All things considered, doing essential things like perusing, exchanging amongst applications, and watching video represented no promptly perceptible issues.



Alluring passage level sticker price

Strong form quality

Straightforward programming and equipment encounter

ASUS programming customizations


Feeble processor

No back camera

Poor battery life

Absence of Bluetooth

General rating: 3/5

That there is nothing here to astonish us isn't a thump on ASUS — for $150, you can't generally expect the world. I know I shouldn't lead everything off with a "yet the value" statement, however when you consider who and what this gadget was proposed for it truly is one of the main considerations in deciding its value. I'd be completely disillusioned in the event that I paid upwards of $300 or more to something like this, something that wasn't too remarkable back when Android tablets initially started to seed into the market.

Yet, in the event that you were to disclose to me I could pay not as much as the cost of my month to month remote bill to claim this tablet I'd be one fulfilled client. For what it is, the MeMo Pad ME172V is a fine gadget for anybody not inspired by the extravagant accessories of the present premium tablets (and the sticker price that regularly joins them). Obviously, in the event that you can remain to spend simply one more $50 the ASUS-improved Nexus 7 is the purchase. Its ease doesn't bring any warnings up in the specs office since Google financed its cost.

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