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HTC U11 Life (Android One) review

It has an IP67 water-safe rating, a relative irregularity at this value point, a portion of the best packaged earbuds I've ever attempted, and an extremely aggressive camera for this level. It obtains the leader outline dialect of the HTC U11, has a brilliant LCD show and genuinely average mid-go specs. In any case, once you begin to expose what's underneath, there's somewhat more to it that requirements talking about.


Everything begins with the outline. While I commend HTC for so loyally imitating their leader styling in a mid-level offering, the U11 Life essentially makes a few concessions to its value point. Instead of Gorilla Glass wrapped around an aluminum outline like the U11, the U11 Life puts a Gorilla Glass front over a polycarbonate outline with an acrylic back board.

I wouldn't go so far as to state the U11 Life feels shabby, however it is obviously plastic. It sounds empty, is light and scratches considerably less demanding than a glass-supported telephone. Considering how awfully this telephone gets fingerprints, I'd prescribe utilizing a case, regardless of whether its plastic development makes it less inclined to break than glass.

Changes in material decision are entirely standard in a mid-go telephone. The same can generally be said of greater bezels, however considering HTC just barely figured out how to lessen its bezel estimate in the forthcoming U11 Plus, the HTC U11 Life has fundamentally an indistinguishable bezel circumstance from the leader U11. Sadly, the U11 Life doesn't acquire the BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition speakers found on the bigger U11 models.


The U11 Life utilizes its vast base bezel to house capacitive route catches and a strong state unique finger impression scanner. The route catches work fine and can be always lit up or turned off completely. It's somewhat of a disgrace HTC didn't offer on-screen route catches as an alternative. The unique finger impression scanner is dependable however not as quick as you'd find on a more costly telephone.

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The USB Type-C port is counterbalanced to one side of the mono base terminating speaker, something my reptile cerebrum just couldn't get used to regardless of how often I punched at the speaker with the USB Type-C charging link or earphones.

There's a microSD card space in the nano-SIM plate on the best edge of the telephone, which gives you a chance to extend the 32 or 64 GB of implicit stockpiling. Those renditions accompany 3 and 4 GB of RAM separately, with the 4 GB/64 GB variant being an online elite accessible just by means of Considering the extremely insignificant value distinction between the two, the 4 GB/64 GB variant is the normal decision (I looked into the 3 GB/32 GB adaptation). The mid-extend Snapdragon 630 chipset lies at the core of the U11 Life. While it may have been more pleasant to see a 660, the 630 is as yet used to great impact.

With its IP67 rating, the U11 Life can withstand submersion in a meter of crisp water for up to a half hour, which is a pleasant expansion for a mid-extend telephone. Like other U11 models before it, the Life doesn't have a 3.5mm earphone jack, however HTC tries to compensate for it in different ways, which we'll cover advance later.

An IP67 rating is a pleasant expansion for a mid-extend telephone, however the Life doesn't have a 3.5mm earphone jack

The U11 Life underpins Bluetooth 5 so you can appreciate higher throughput or longer range on perfect frill – for additional on how Bluetooth 5 functions look at Gary's superb preliminary. The U11 Life additionally underpins continually listening hotword location, NFC, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, and Cat. 11 download velocities of up to 600 Mbits/s and transfers of up to 75 Mbits/s.


The 5.2-inch Full HD LCD show on the HTC U11 Life was an extremely decent astonishment

The 5.2-inch Full HD show on the HTC U11 Life was an exceptionally decent astonishment. The Super LCD board offers rich hues, great dynamic range, stable review edges, not too bad if not uncommon open air perceivability (in abundance of 500 nits), and was for the most part a considerable measure superior to anything I was anticipating.

It wasn't generally extremely receptive to touch include, requiring some truly compelling punching now and again to enroll presses. This is a concession one needs to make at bring down value focuses, however it is more than compensated for in the general nature of the show.


HTC's Edge Sense is an especially pleasant expansion to the U11 Life. In spite of the Android One programming background, HTC figured out how to get a completely utilitarian rendition of its squeezable edge innovation on board, something even the Pixel 2 hasn't got at this moment.

Some may see a weight touchy casing as a futile trick, however I thought that it was extremely instinctive and utilized it a great deal. The default alternatives are essentially the most helpful, with a short crush taking you to the camera application whether the telephone is opened or not. While in the camera, a long press switches amongst front and back focal points and a short crush takes a photograph. Clearly this is a convenient element while in the water, wearing gloves or when you're generally unfit to utilize the camera as ordinary.

Outside the camera application, a long-press regularly dispatches Google Assistant (you can, obviously, adjust any or the greater part of the default Edge Sense activities to your enjoying). Partner can likewise be enacted by means of voice or by long-squeezing the home catch. Dissimilar to the US-bound Sense form of the U11 Life, HTC Sense Companion and Amazon Alexa are excluded in the product out of the container.

HTC Edge Sense likewise gives you a chance to empower different in-application press activities that you can alter voluntarily. It takes a little memory to recollect what everything does except once you have its hang it's extremely very valuable. You can likewise modify the weight affectability of the press motion or cripple it totally if it's not your thing.

The HTC U11 Life runs Android Oreo out of the container, with an ensured refresh to Android P and Android Q on account of Android One

The HTC U11 Life runs Android Oreo out of the container, with an ensured refresh to Android P and Android Q on account of Android One. Android One gadgets are likewise guaranteed security patches for a long time, putting an exceptionally sound timeframe of realistic usability on a mid-run telephone. As tragic as it sounds, this was a quite unordinary circumstance until Google re-pitched Android One for the mid-run advertise.

The close stock rendition of Android Oreo on the U11 Life runs similarly as easily and dependably as you'd anticipate. HTC has never had any main problems with programming execution even with its Sense skin, so this should not shock anyone. Different Oreo-particular advantages are available here as well, similar to foundation execution and reserved information cutoff points to better use the telephone's accessible assets and draw out battery life.


HTC additionally has its USonic sound tuning prepared into the Settings menu. The U11 Life comes packaged with a couple of astounding USB Type-C USonic earbuds as well. They can be utilized with the USonic programming to tune the U11 Life's sound to your specific hearing profile.

In case you're new, HTC USonic basically utilizes sonar to delineate ear waterway. There's truly no reason to sweat it, just embed the super-agreeable buds, tap a catch to emanate a short sound flag and it's finished. Your USonic dynamic commotion crossing out earbuds are presently tuned particularly to your ears. Obviously, the tuning can be handicapped whenever.

I'm a long way from an audiophile, yet even my ears can value the wealthier bass and punchier highs USonic empowers. Debilitating the component levels everything out a bit, and keeping in mind that this adds more to the mid-go I lean toward the fresh highs and strong low end the USonic buds deliver. They're additionally splendidly spatial for included earphones and have dynamic commotion cancelation to boot, another uncommon reward at this value point.


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Sound on the HTC U 11 Life is additionally fine on the off chance that you need to utilize Android Oreo's top of the line Bluetooth codecs like Sony LDAC or Qualcomm aptX and aptX-HD with perfect remote earphones. The nonattendance of a 3.5mm earphone jack will be represent the moment of truth for some, and there isn't even a USB Type-C to 3.5mm connector in the container. HTC offers an advanced connector on its site however, which incorporates an implicit DAC.

Notwithstanding the perfection of the USonic earbuds, your option sound choices are constrained. Other than the packaged USonic buds, there's very few USB Type-C earphones available that we'd really suggest. You can purchase the dongle from HTC for your wired jars (on the grounds that a standard "idiotic" connector won't work with the U11 Life) or you can change to Bluetooth earphones.

It's additionally significant that the USonic buds won't work with the dominant part of different telephones either. Connect them to the USB Type-C port of the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 or Pixel 2 and sound will keep leaving the outside speakers as opposed to changing to the buds. This is on the grounds that HTC utilizes an advanced convention not bolstered by numerous different organizations. The USonic buds worked fine and dandy with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro however.

The USonic earbuds are extremely your best choice, with no BoomSound stereo speakers

Indeed, even without the wired earphone issue, there's no stereo BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition speakers on the U11 Life, simply the single mono speaker on the base edge. Despite the fact that the U11 Life's speaker is obviously "worked to be gotten notification from the front", don't anticipate that it will be anyplace close adequate with other U11 gadgets. I'll concede that it's moderately boisterous, it simply doesn't sound extraordinary. To the extent sound on the U11 Life goes, the USonic buds are extremely your best choice.


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