Monday, August 19, 2019

5 tips to write an essay

At the university you are thrown to death with it and also at the university it is no stranger: the essay. The essay consists of an introduction, middle section and end. Even though this sounds easy, it can be difficult to put this on paper. We therefore list five tips for you to write an excellent essay.

1. Immerse yourself in the subject
It is important to first read the topic. This way you do not have to look up information all the time while writing. This works a lot faster. Use different sources for this. Then you get to know the subject from different perspectives.

2. First create an outline
Many students think that it is faster to start writing immediately. However, the opposite is true. You give structure to your essay in the outline. For example, you write in catchwords what will appear in the introduction, the middle part and the ending. In this way you keep an overview and the writing runs smoothly.

3. Write the introduction last
It is best to write the introduction only when the rest of your essay is ready. Only then do you know what is really in the middle section and the conclusion!

4. Pay attention to your choice of words
Everyone has their own writing style where you often use the same words. Try to avoid this by, for example, looking up synonyms. You can check afterwards whether you have used the same words too often via the Word search option.

5. Show yourself
Your opinion is central to an essay. Therefore, really show it! Be careful with the use of 'me'. If you use this too much, it can seem self-centered.

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