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how to write an essay

This page offers a general approach to give you the tools to succeed in your well-argued Dalf C1 essay. 

This is the second test of written production, evaluated on  12 points (for a total of 25 points in written production) . You are usually asked to write a test of about 250 words (+ or - 10%) . The proposed theme is directly related to the above synthesis of documents.

The goal is to develop a personal thesis that answers the subject and your problem.
The theme is identified in the proposed subject, it is more or less targeted: society, ecology, trade, culture, fair trade, internet, television, equal opportunities.
The issue questions this theme: it is your own approach, your "angle of attack".
Your thesis answers your problem.

In general, the proposed topics are to write a letter (to the letters of the readers, to your mayor, the writing of a newspaper) or to participate in a forum. In your argument, unlike the summary of documents, you are asked to give your opinion, always with nuance. For this, you must preferably respect the following steps:


A step not to neglect. It is first of all to read the subject well. An evidence ? Not that much!

Let's take an example (invented) of subject:

"Your favorite magazine wonders about the use of bikes in the city: is it a passing fad or a sustainable phenomenon promised a great future? You participate in the forum of the site to express your opinion. You will write a clear and structured text of about 250 words. "

Theme: the means of transport in the city.
Reformulated issue: how can cycling today coexist with other means of transport?
Possible theses: for or against the interest of using the bike in town.

It's up to you to take a stand, to choose ONE point of view to convince your reader.


Let's say we opted for the defense of cycling in the city . It is desirable to build one's argumentative essay around some arguments:

- Cycling in the city is ecological.
- Cycling in the city is good for your health.
- Cycling in the city is economical.
- Cycling in the city is the future.

The goal is not to propose ALL arguments, but to identify 3 or 4 and illustrate them with examples from your experience, your reading, your knowledge of the news. In this case, for example, it would be a shame not to talk about the Parisian Vélib.


- Respect the courtesy formulas (especially for the letter).
- Introduction (a catchphrase and the reformulated issue).
- Structured development around your main arguments (about 200 words) without forgetting the logical connectors.
- Conclusion: to reaffirm your point of view.

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